Hey, welcome! My name is Meline Rose. I am a 20-something entertainment journalist from Florida with one goal in mind: to live a purposeful life. I define purpose as when one discovers their passion and uses it to positively influence others. I believe our only mission in life is to water the flower that has been planted within and allow it to bloom. In other words, to seek the underlying passion within us and pursue it.

In creating TheMelineRose.com, I invite you on my journey as I exclusively interview the most creative, unique, and fearless artists and entrepreneurs in the industry in hopes of inspiring viewers to pursue their dreams as well.


Since a very young age, I always believed that I could accomplish any-and-everything I set my mind to: seriously. The fierce Scorpio that I am wouldn’t allow anything to get in my way. And although I was born into a poor Haitian-American family, I knew that it wasn’t how my story would end — that’s all the push I needed to flourish into the rose that I am.


As my story is still being written, I, Meline Rose, encourage you to open up the pages in your own book and begin to water your inner flower.


“The evolution of the rose is inevitable. Millennial Rose, live the greatness within you.” 

                                                                                           Meline Rose