Millennial Rose Series: EP. 2 Feat. Makeup Artist Nosworthy Creations

Meline Rose and Deandra Nosworthy

Ladies, we can all admit that our physical appearance plays a major role in our confidence. It’s true, when you look good, you feel good, and that is the message Nosworthy is trying to convey in her creations.


Meet Deandra Nosworthy, the mastermind behind Nosworthy Creations. Nosworthy is a South Florida native who’s giving the makeup industry a run for its money. She is currently dominating the carnival world, where women from all over the Caribbean come to get their faces slayed before the day’s festivities. Nosworthy’s franchise continues to grow, as she hired a team of makeup artist — The Glam Divas, just to assist her during the carnival madness.

I teamed up with Deandra Nosworthy for a demo-interview where she showed off her unique skills by transforming a day look into a sexy Halloween kitty look — all while giving us beauty tips.

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