The Importance Of Perseverance: “Always Forward, Never Backwards”

“Always forward, never backwards.” – Luke Cage

I remember the time(s) where I felt stuck, hopeless, depressed, and completely defeated because my life was not progressing as I thought it would or should. My love life was non-existent, I was unhappy with my job (later terminated), and I wasn’t fulfilling my desires with my brand. Everyone around me seemed to be advancing in their lives, meanwhile I was at a standstill; I wanted to throw in the towel.


Thank God I didn’t. Thank God I persevered through all adversity because I wouldn’t be the young woman I am today. I came out stronger, wiser, and secure; my character is solid. I learned that everything I was going through was only preparing me for everything that I wanted, and that it was only a matter of time that I’d have it. It was necessary for me to endure lonely nights, past due bills, and failure. It only made me fight harder for the life I know I deserved to live. Once I made up my mind that I deserved to be happy, no one could tell me otherwise.


When life gets hard, stop and ask yourself “What is this moment here to teach me?” It is said that “Everything you are going through is only preparing you for everything you’ve ever wanted.” Embrace change and embrace your journey in order to be able to embrace your rewards when they arrive.

As I continue to boss up through the challenges of life, I encourage you to do the same. When you are pursuing your greatness, life has a way of shaking you up to test you. It is testing your character, your stamina, and your faith. You have to walk out of that exam like, “You can keep the pencil!”

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