Why Losing My Job Was One Of The Best Things To Ever Happen To me

“…Blah, blah..blah.. We’re going to have to let you go.”

In that moment I realized, I don’t know where I’m going, but what I do know is that I need a break. The universe couldn’t have been more on my side.

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A few months ago I was fired from my part-time job. Emphasis on part-time job because as young entrepreneurs, we have to realize these jobs are temporary. We have to keep the bigger picture in mind; and that’s our ultimate purpose — I’m sure working a 9-5 under someone else’s time isn’t quite how you envisioned your success story, right?


Anyway though, I was fired from my job, and that may have been exactly what I needed. For the last few years, all I’ve known was work-work-work-work (word to Rihanna.)

Of course, I’ve always been grateful to be able to provide for myself, and whenever given the chance, I would take personal “me” time. However, it seems like an inevitable to get “lost in the sauce,” especially when you’re running things independently.


In 2015, I subconsciously found myself going through a period of depression. This depression derived from a lack of “accomplishment(s)”, I would say. At the time, I thought, or at least expected myself to be at a certain point with my brand, and those imposed expectations left me depressed; my visions certainly weren’t matching my reality. Soon after reading the book, The Alchemist, I realized I was exactly where I needed to be, and that everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to.


I am currently still unemployed but I choose not to worry. Life is about perception, and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Understanding that everything that is happening in my life is working for and not against me gives me the faith I need to persevereMaintain your faith.


Below I listed 3 reasons why losing your job is not such a bad thing.


1. You can use the off time to regroup mentally

Often times we are busy bodies who are trying to remain on track, and tackle all the goals we have aligned for ourselves. But sometimes we have to just breathe; Press that pause button, and just relax. Our mental peace is more important than anything, and it should always come first. You will find when you are at peace mentally, it allows your creativity to flow more eloquently. It is important to cease the moment.


2. Revaluation

While getting caught up in the whirl wind of life, it is common to lose your balance. Having time off allows you to reevaluate all areas of your life — Mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. At your core, are you truly happy? Are you working because you love it, or because it is now an obligation? Are you on track to achieving your goals? How are you doing mentally? How about emotionally? These are questions we don’t usually ask ourselves when we are caught up in our day-to-day 9-5 jobs. If we’re not looking out for ourselves, then who is? Take care of yourself.


3. You can catch up on simple things that you’ve been laying off

When was the last time you actually cleaned your room, or did your laundry without having to rush through it? They aren’t the most entertaining tasks but when you live in a home that is unwelcoming, it makes way for a negative lifestyle  — believe it or not.

Go out with  friends and family, wash your car, clean the house, reorganize, have sex — have plenty of [safe] sex, and just BE. We’re usually more successful when our personal space and our personal lives are clutter free.


After spending about five bitter-sweet months’ unemployed, I have definitely sharpened my relationship with myself, and learned the art of patience. While preparing myself to return to work, I will keep these thoughts in mind: Do not worry and maintain your faith. Maktub.

Take care of yourself young millennials.


Have you’ve ever been fired or laid off? Tell me about your experience below. I want to hear from you.

  • Chanel Adams
    February 4, 2017

    I love this article. As young women and men, we forget that losing a part time job won’t affect the overall outcome of our lives!

  • Gege
    February 8, 2017

    This story is absolutely inspiring! I’m so happy for you!

  • Khadijah
    February 8, 2017

    I love this and I love your brand!

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